Sexiness Continued

I can write whatever
And it’ll still come out clever somehow
What’s better? A stupid sheep
Or a dumb cow
I’m dumb? How?
Oh you a bust down
You will drop down and get your eagle on girl
Get your aguila on
Please wear a thong for me boo
I like it when it’s really thin
A string called G
I fucked myself in the ass
I’m doing me

Get it?

. … .

I do!


A Tale of Two Tales

I saw sexy Cindy in the car with pedophile Steve

On her knees she got on and sucked his oblong bidong

See Cindy is only 6

And at this age she was introduced to dick

I stepped in to intervene. I put Steve to the test

We wrestled on the floor and I did a citizen’s arrest

I brought Cindy back home

And as I was leaving

I saw through the front window, to her dad she was giving him dome


Terminally Ill

I’m a slicker city
Shining like a city sticker on a Maserati
Or a blue striped shark Bugatti
I’m like otti when I show my body
I’m crazy I’m handsome
I’m lazy I’m ransom
In highschool I ran some
From rival gangs
My idols slain
They died in drive-bys
One even had his wake shot up
Out of the coma I got up from
I think your occupation is dumb