Young Authors

Ok, so now I’m a millionaire, right? And in the mail what do I get? I get my first check for $1000 (UBI). Wow I’m glad it finally happened. I know I don’t need it so I donate it to charity. Now, finally, I’m faced with the question, which charity do I want to donate to? I never had to Google this but now I am. After a day of deliberation I decided to start my own charity. It’s the Jose Munoz Fund For Young Novelists. And by young I mean anyone who is working on their first novel. Because, although you can be old as a person, you can be young as a novelist, true indeed. So yup. This is my story. Now as a rich man.


New Shit

I’m ready for whateva nigga
Deuce Trey. I’m strapped up. Pick the map up
It say how to hit the road hoe
I’m the perfect man
Y’all can’t do better than the perfect man
When I blam the eight, it make blood squirt from heads
I fuck bad hoes. I put in they butts a Percocet
They direct deposit your worthless check
I get money bags, a milli at minimum
I kill mo niggas than that dude at the cinema
Cineplex. I’m on the Internet and I’m outside
I leave the world wit lips. So they mouth wide.