So Profound

Hazy daisies shine ubiquitous
Wind blows cold wind blows ticklish
Winds without impetus
So no grey leaves flutter
And a twister twists no longer

A preponderance of people at my gate without a cause
A piranha was the fish that was talked about in Jaws
Photography replacing photographic memories
Concertgoers saw the same concert as those not attending it

Yo, it’s a word so slick and so beautiful, Yo
Age is an ever shrinking cage carried on the shoulders of a beautiful hoe
Radio jams play in the Club of Sam as cruddy hands reach for the mustard jam
All movies now display Apocalypse themes

The Apocalypse theme is pertinent
As the world tires of itself
Humans grow tired of themselves, and that is true maturity
Like a silent emergency you ain’t never heard of me

So well-fueled is drool at the altar of class
The professor filled a glass and skinned a last drip off a Carmex lip
Heard ‘round the corner a half-hearted quip, then a sneeze, and no one blessed it
Atheists opened shop with no suggestions, on sale was logic that lead to question

A single sunflower is dumb power
Smoking cigs outside Trump Tower
In Chicago, that’s where I’m from yo, listen
If you’re driving on LSD, no way you can miss it


A Legendary Writer

I’m still writing y’all
I’m combative, I’m fighting y’all
What happens when a lil nigga feels tall?
He joins the NBA and plays ball

I’m a hoopster, I hoop outdoors in all conditions
I even shoot around during the intermission
Wells be wishing I feed em a coin
I battled them all in the Battle of Boyne
I think my sound is super sonic
I act moronic, then I act intelligent
I ride thru storms on Belgium elephants
And I play the banjo, she fingers the harp
AK-47, Mac-11 humming, tears yo block apart
I’m a supernova exploding heart
I wait till sundown to throw in pitch-black dark a dart
I rub my chin and think I’m smart
A conversation with me may strike you as performance art
Because I speak as if some crazy shit is about to start

The heart pumps faster, like an impending disaster is fast approaching
I don’t need coaching, I told my coach he is but a roach in the scheme of grand things
I pull a fast one like a sprinter’s hamstring
Damn these things that I don’t agree with
I drink coffee by myself, I have no one to drink tea with
My album, I’ma leak it, it’s been a secret for too long
In my drawer is still my ex-girlfriend’s red thong
Right next to the light green bong, and ganja from the mean streets of Hong Kong

I ding, but do I dong?
Don’t ask me what’s wrong kuz a tirade will ensue
I’m in court getting sued by a beautiful dude
He said I was rude, and my lawyer’s a Jew, so…
I’m well defended, let’s stop pretending, I told the court
Ya’ll just wanna see me in person, of course, of course
My torso is not tatted, my flesh is clean
Let’s drop the moon on a trampoline to see if it’ll bounce
When I’m broke I buy weed in grams, when I’m not, I buy an ounce
I pounce on a subject like a ruthless rugrat
I’m like, fuck this! … I point at something else, And fuck that!
My truck is fat so it fits hella women, by the dozens in fact
I’m feeling like a mack. They cackling, cracking up
Kuz I’m saying shit that’s funny, shit that’s nutz
My nuts be too hairy for the faint of heart
Ah! A new poem…where should I start?


So Crazy

I’m going CRAZZZYYYY! My mind is about to BURST.!.

Like car bombing a hearse passing thru enemy turf

I don’t say, things could be worse, I say, things could be better

I’m like a cleaver minus a letter – I’m clever

I put shit together at the drop of a hat, a fallen sombrero

Funny guy,,,, like Will Ferrel

A soldier with style, Salvation Army apparel

A soldier with class, overseas getting ass

You ever think while driving….what if I just crash?

Like, I got the freedom to do it, I could literally do it

If it wasn’t for music I would have died ten years ago, maybe sooner

I can spit hard raps then switch up the swag and morph to a crooner

That’s called, versatility. Fuck yo facility. And facile abilities. I’m on another level. Another notch. I’m the type to rub my finger on a Barbie’s crotch… … and get turned on. I’m contagious and the germ is strong. I did nothing wrong except everything. I did nothing right except everything. I see the beauty in petty things. Ready slings bring rubble to enemies, a heavy sedentine.

I’m going crazy, over and over
I ride a Rover into the ground and walk the rest of the way
I crashed in a barn and slept on a heap of hay
When I awoke
I thought of a joke and wrote it down



There’s a rumor
Around town it’s going
They say a certain guy
Is in his basement flowing

I’m here to say them rumors be valid
I’m the type to never order a salad
Nope. I stay away from healthy food
I avoid it like people
If I heard there was a plague in a nearby suburb
I’d go pay it a visit

I think the clock is ticking
When was time first invented?
These are the questions
Has time existed always
In my high school homeless people
Used to piss in the hallways

I’m all day with this chaotic tango of verbal mango
I hang yo, but the rope don’t choke
Instead it massages
My neck
I stick it out
Many folks respect that
But they respect is meaningless
Kuz tomorrow they’ll call retarded
Who today they called a genius

The best geniuses be self-proclaimed
I’m living in a society
Heading towards a state of no shame
I beat em to it! I’m always ahead of society
Ahead of the curve
I’m the type to burn down society
And store its remains in an urn