A Real Life Tragedy

My dad committed suicide. It was a pity to watch. I was 6. I saw him put into his ass a rattlesnake tip. Then he aggravated the snake so it would rattle its tail, which vibrated in my dad’s asshole. But in the midst of his enjoyment, the rattlesnake turned around, it had a little muzzle on, but it fell off, right then it bit my dad in the asscheek and then one more time in the ankle. I ran out the front door when that happened. I still feel bad about it because I didn’t get help when that happened. When my mom came home she asked me what happened, I said my dad committed suicide. And that was real sad. 😦


Refined Writing

Well I’ll be damned. Everything is dandy, the day is so fine. The leaves ruffle like electronic truffles. The houses line the streets like temples of grief. Beautiful white teeth and white Nigh Keys. Oh and the sky? It’s so blue it can’t be true. The pools for the kiddies filled with dirt water. The kids tho, they watch the pull from inside. Nah that’s not a metaphor, said Antonio the Philosopher. He was speaking to Anetta the Art Major. They are dating now. And also the sound of an ambulance make people cringe like awkward behavior carried out in earnest. Oh man, and the grand plans they lay on a table of marble, it’s all cracked tho. A crack hoe and a crack guy make a crack baby. Oh and also the world is shady but not kuz no tree. Oh man, and did I tell you God bowed his head down to Earth so he could smell you. Man oh man. There is something about this day. The heat make people wear certain clothes. No one wearing sweaters, is what Middleton observed.


You’re Either

By now you know…..

It’s better to be with me
Than against me
Bop into my Bentley

Let’s go for a spin
See the streetlights, they get dim
The further South we go
Wild Hunnids, you ever explore?
On the corner is whores, they collect profits
On the corner is niggas, poor people, watch it!
Niggas is just poor folk, forget pigmentations
That’s what I mean by niggas, a clarification

Now get out of my Bentley, you stink like dead grass
Like Big said, I’m glad I ain’t spend no cash to hit yo nasty ass

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 14

Officer 1: It’s crazy man. What some people do to escape desperate situations. Some people rob banks, some people commit financial fraud, and some people….

Officer 2: Do what he did *points to interrogation room*

Officer 1: He’s a weird looking one, I’ll tell ya that much. He looks like…. a person, but not a person. *rubs chin*

Officer 2: He looks like someone I used to know. Someone I went to highschool with…. Goddamit…. I can’t remember.

Officer 1: What do you think he’s thinking?

Officer 2
: He’s probably thinking about his next poem


Fade Out