Love Dove (Call Me That)

I’m at peace
With loving someone
Who doesn’t love me back
Hey, maybe I fall in love later
And my love for her will be replaced
That can happen, a lot of things can happen
I throw a beat on, I feel like rappin’
Maybe make a love song
About her, maybe someday she’ll hear it
Rap it to her on my bedside
I know, I’m getting cheesy
That’s just where my feelings reside


Love Her

I love her like tortillas, like the hottest enchilada
I love her like a rap song, I love her like a pizza baked Hawaiian
I love her like the slang I use, love her like a joyster
I don’t even hate her, I just like annoying her
Annoying them, I stand tall amongst annoying men
That’s the crowd I roll with
I told her whole family I love her
They said, no shit



I blast you with two nines
Get your spine struck and your heart tipped
3 bullets rip the curtains behind you
I pull out a third nine
And walk around the house
Reciting absurd rhymes
As I chase your wife around
I pop the cannon at her legs
And make her dance in place
One bullet clips her toe and she goes
I tell her I’m about to let her go
Just give me a kiss
She did …

And I left!

Mike Arlington

Never Too Late Till It Is

I knew a guy who had a thousand kids
With 500 women
That’s a thousand tits
This guy his name was Mike
He could of bought a shitty car
But opted for a nice ass bike

He rides around the village
With the fellas smoking blunts
He checks out all the hotties
With the sexy bodies in the summer
He told the whole world
That he was an up and comer

When he turned 80 he became
Very ill and felt lame
He was taken to the hospital
His last words were:
I would have made it
If not for this obstacle


The Observer Who Comments

I was raised on the streets
I had not a thing to eat except
A breath of air, and not even fresh
In school I took tests, pure memorization
No practicality, hops
Banality rocks
In a world that dreads boredom
We ensured its antithesis
In the highest office
This is my rocker, I’m off this
Some people are born with no towel to toss in
Woe is they, I am repping for they
Kuz some people have too many problems
To blog about them all day