The US

My hand looks like I just pulled a fire alarm
Sometimes I doodle. I draw faces. That makes me calm.
I may post pictures of the faces I draw
My mind is a band and I call it Oasis
So why would I not
Give the public a piece of my Oasis
I could have been born anywhere
But I was born in this nation
So I was born lucky
Kuz I could have been born
In a 3rd world country
When I look at it from that perspective
I’m grateful to chance
But that doesn’t mean this country can’t
Do more to advance
Same goes for me



World Flow

I’m too real, man. In a way, it’s a gift
What’s with this shit about American tits?
American bliss. I feel bliss American
I dare the gin to take a double shot of a human
Fumin’? No
Few oppose Jose
But then again
Few even know Jose
I invite more people to know me
Invite more people to oppose me
I wish the whole world would oppose me
Just to see how I’ll react
In fact, I factor in the dancer in the coffee room
Toffe yoon
Like Topher Grace my hair
I wear what I wear
Without a tenth of one care


On The Run For Fun

I’m on the run. Helicopters circle skies
People cry, “I think he’s over here!”
When in fact I’m not. False alarm
On the news they say he could be armed
Let his charm not fool you, they warn
Raining down on me is the mainstream media’s scorn
“He’s despicable!” says a newsman
On YouTube I view them
Talkin’ bout me…kinda weird
“Oh shit! I think he’s over here!”

Oh fuck! Gotta go!


Metropolis Blues

Metropolis blues
The Metra moves lives
The sigh of a construction
Worker. The stale smile of a crossing
Guard. In the cold standing mostly
Idle. Tidal, the app. Headphones
Rubbing the window. Relaxed as the bus
Rolls at a Pace one can sleep to

Metropolis blues
An orangutan the zoo
Escaped. On Michigan Ave
On the loose is He
Be aware. Media social
Posting this ape going
Postal. Workers stop at my door
Yesterday I received an even more
Unsightly bill than the day before
Today it’s like, “wait there’s more”

Metropolis blues
Briefcases clap
Against calfs
And swing like a hammer
If hammers could swing
I would nail
The broad in the red
Metropolis blues


Forming Thoughts

Lengthy discussions
Regarding Michelle Obama & Russians

No one gives a fuck
About that
Rachel Maddow is a sad cow
And Chris Hayes has the face of an owl

I think when I blink I see best
I got shot with a love gun
I was wearing a vest

Bulletproof, not cotton
I’m jottin’ once more, true
I implore you to get to know you
Oh shoot! There’s a knock on the door
I go see who it is

It is none other than
Jared Tan
A NASA recruiter
He said, cmon let’s go to Jupiter
I said..if you don’t mind…
I’d like to go to Pluto