A Hoodied Woman

I want to bang a Pakistani broad

I hear they serve their men well

But who would want to serve me?

I’m just a blogger. An illfamed one at that

My fame is ill. I made up that word just now, illfamed

She said, sweetheart whats your name, as I got out of the rain


A.k.a Letthewordsplay

Oh so you’ve heard about me?

Oh yes, my Lord

Haha. My Lord. I’m nobody’s Lord, dear.

Oh but about that you are wrong.

Well you can add that to the list of things I’ve been wrong about

Come. I’ve prepared a meal, my Lord.


My Queen

She ran into a room

I think Jose is crazy! He needs to be restrained – before he does more retarded shit. You’ve seen what he did already! Beyond retarded! So what do you say? Will you help me?

Yes, dear. I will help you.

The chair does a 180 degree turn. And it is revealed to be Jose who is sitting there.

She squints into the dark. A bit of moonlight shones on my face.