My Queen

She ran into a room

I think Jose is crazy! He needs to be restrained – before he does more retarded shit. You’ve seen what he did already! Beyond retarded! So what do you say? Will you help me?

Yes, dear. I will help you.

The chair does a 180 degree turn. And it is revealed to be Jose who is sitting there.

She squints into the dark. A bit of moonlight shones on my face.



On The Booty…

When the booty is fat. As a man you must admire that. I require that. My girl swings a fat booty. At least moderate size, you know? The ass is always fattest when a girl is laying on her stomach. Why is that? What are the physics and optics involved? The pretty girl with the fattest booty trumps em all.

If you are drop dead gorgeous, the booty may not matter. You still gotta pack a little something tho…a little meat to bounce this dick on. But a drop dead gorgeous gal can get away with small tits and an unimpressive ass. Maybe…you’d have to show me the girl. It’s a case-by-case thing.

I say that to say this…my cousin Mario, from Connecticut, told me he gave his girl a chocolate kiss. And I was naive enough to ask…what’s a chocolate kiss?