I hopped on the CTA

On the bus was CJ from GTA

I said, what are you doing here?

He said, who the fuck is you?

I said, nevermind

He got up and said, nah. Now I wanna know. Who the fuck is you?

He pointed two Glock 9’s at me

I said, I’m Jose!

He said, watch this, Jose!

He shot the bus driver and took control of the wheel

I looked at him and suddenly he appeared to be Keanu Reeves

And the events of the movie Speed began unfolding

Then … we crashed into a Chuckee Cheese

And I was seated in that back room where a show occurs…you know what I’m talking about?

And I was clapping. As a waiter brought a pizza to my table.

A guy took a seat next to me and said, hi I’m your agent.

I said, oh hi. I didn’t know I had an agent.

He said, oh shit! Get down! A missle missed my head by an inch. I know because there was a guy right there with a ruler measuring it.

The guy then snapped the ruler in half and stabbed himself in the neck with the jagged piece. Then my agent, he grabbed my arm and he said, let’s flee.

We ran out of there and then we were at a night club and I noticed on my shirt collar I was micd up

The music stopped and everyone turned to look at me and my agent said, “what did you just say?” In a very stern voice. I was like, wtf. And then I stabbed him in the stomach with the other piece of the ruler.

Then I jumped out of the window and threw a guy out of a bread truck. Now I’m driving a bread truck and I don’t know where I’m going.

I crash the bread truck into Coconuts, an old record store, or CD store. Whatever you wanna call it

I went inside and put on those headphones that let you hear snippets of music on CDs.

They said, there he is! All I saw was torches.
I ran into the bathroom. And seconds later there was banging. I’m like fuck fuck fuck as I look into the mirror.

The mirror looked like it was falling off so I grabbed at it and it came off. And I crawled inside this little hole behind it.

And then I put the mirror up behind me just as the angry mob burst in. They’re like, where the fuck did he go.

I’m like damn. Then a minute later they left, perplexed for sure. I heard someone say, but how could that be?!!

Minutes later I climbed out and I realized I was by Archer and Pulaski and I walked home.


Wild Style Wednesdays

Im a kamikaze pilot…the sky was dark,,,there was an explosion (boom!)
And then the sky was lit

Omg Im tired of this shit!!! But real men don’t cry

That’s what daddy told me. Daddy don’t hold me
Im too big to be held

I told my favorite concubine, go get my gel

It’s time to bring
My hair to life

The world ends at 9PM
Let’s not care tonight

I’m sinking half-court shots
From the charity strike

The harder the task, the more I bask in it, true

I play basketball, I shoot a basket or two

The government is like…no one is asking you!

No one had to dude