Clever Poetry

I ate the testicles of a wooly mammoth
And then I celebrated the Holy Sabbath

I ran into a drug store and robbed the pharmacist
Two days later I’m found unconscious on the ground and shit

I equipped a bow to my shield, and I taped an arrow to the end of my sword
They told me, son…are you ready for the lamest war?

I said no, save me for the war that is greatest
I saw a guy named Arabis


Mixed Race

Ok. I already established that there are 2 races.

So it is possible to be born into a mixed race. Or you become a mixed race, via loss or gain of green pigmentation

When there are more members in the race called Poverty than there are members of the mixed race…what happens?

A race war must happen. It must occur to regain equilibrium in society

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – JFK