Why Violence (A Deep Look)

I begin with an obvious statement. When you and another party cannot reconcile your differences by peaceful means, violence is the lone alternative left on the table. One party imposing its will on another party through sheer physical dominance. And that is why, based on how I see the world around me (ultra rich vs. everyone else), it is time to kill lawmakers. “But wait,” you say. “Let us wait until this next election. Let us see what happens.” I agree with you, my brother. Let us give this corrupt government of ours one more chance – for old times sake. But I wouldn’t care if someone got a headstart on this business of killing lawmakers.

I will expand on my political theory of killing lawmakers in a later treatise titled, To Kill Bad Law & Make Good Law: A Guide


What Is Jail Like?

Jail iz hard. U can get hurt by other inmates. Dey might fuck u if u not careful. Specially if u a sexy boy. Also, u should join gang. For protection. In jail fud iz not good, no sir. But hey when I wuz on the outside I ain’t even get no food. No dental care either. In here I do. Dat was not just no rumor. And also Andy, he a great guy. He talk to me about my problems. Only good thing in jail that I met Andy. Ok. I hab to go now. Bye bye.


Uhbout Murder

I grabbed him and threw him over a rail. He died.

He came back to life like zombies do. Even zombies shit. Ever smell a zombie poo?

Anyway. He came for revenge. He threw at me machetes

I said, you ain’t ready. And I attacked him with a flamethrower.

Before he died I put a picture to his face, “Do you know her?!”

Yes. That’s me.

I put a hand in the air, Taxi!


A Field Of Dreams

It was a day of Decapitations
All you saw was a field of MAGA hats

These poor bastards

Apparently, the night before they had all been decapitated by The Decapitator. He’s a man with blistering strength and speed and he never wears a shirt. He also wears a stocking cap. He is The Decapitator.

As I made my way thru the field, I saw the backdoor entrance to a Kohl’s. Two employees were on cigarette breaks.

Can I have one?

Now we’re all smoking. Talking about the field of hats. Next thing you know…

Flashback To The Present

*I’m at a preschool. I’m talking to a group of children.*

“What! What! What happened next!”

Well, kids. They’re gonna have to book me again for you all to find out.


Chicago Gun Violence

On the news was an Ogre
On the bottom of the screen it said “Ogre”
The ogre was green

Ok we are here with Ogre. Ogre tell us what you saw..

Ok. I’m an Ogre. I was taking a dump over there. When I saw a car crash into the playground. The guy, he got out and started shooting at the kids.

One of the parents, he started running my direction. But was shot down.

That’s terrible. What kind of gun was he using?

I don’t know to be honest. I am just ogre.

Ok back to you Al

Excuse me, can I fuck you?

No, I don’t fuck Ogres.