The Troops Be Dancing

In the end? I was proven right. Zack died. Stacy got into a car accident and Rebecca G fell into a pit of carnivorous deer.

“I take no pride in being right,” I told my soldiers. “In fact, it is to my ultimate dismay that I was proven right…on this account.”

The soldiers started breakdancing and pretty soon I myself started breakdancing.

“You don’t say, I myself,” said my Queen.

“It’s redundant. I is sufficient.”

But I couldn’t hear her because I was too busy



The US

My hand looks like I just pulled a fire alarm
Sometimes I doodle. I draw faces. That makes me calm.
I may post pictures of the faces I draw
My mind is a band and I call it Oasis
So why would I not
Give the public a piece of my Oasis
I could have been born anywhere
But I was born in this nation
So I was born lucky
Kuz I could have been born
In a 3rd world country
When I look at it from that perspective
I’m grateful to chance
But that doesn’t mean this country can’t
Do more to advance
Same goes for me