Young Authors

Ok, so now I’m a millionaire, right? And in the mail what do I get? I get my first check for $1000 (UBI). Wow I’m glad it finally happened. I know I don’t need it so I donate it to charity. Now, finally, I’m faced with the question, which charity do I want to donate to? I never had to Google this but now I am. After a day of deliberation I decided to start my own charity. It’s the Jose Munoz Fund For Young Novelists. And by young I mean anyone who is working on their first novel. Because, although you can be old as a person, you can be young as a novelist, true indeed. So yup. This is my story. Now as a rich man.


Politique Deluxe

I shanked Joe Biden

And had a smoke with Secret Service on the patio

Good job, guys. And they departed.

Through the sliding doors Joe twitched, I saw him, he looked grim

I said, see, Joe? What you started?.

His last breath was surpassed when he farted

Then he died in earnest. I watched TV.

That was two hours ago. By now you will have learnt this.


On A Date

We went on a date
Everything went fine
We got in an Uber and
She let me play with her ass

I squeezed it so hard she felt
A jolt of pain
She told our Uber slave
Don’t worry about us, we’re insane

As I got out I handed him 5
Bucks. I’m also an economic slave, I said
More power to us, yo

We did a fist bump
Like we both know the deal apparently
He handed me a pamphlet
He said, have you heard about the revolution?

*I lol*

Listen, man. I wrote this.

No fucking way.

*He looks at me in amazement*