On A Date

We went on a date
Everything went fine
We got in an Uber and
She let me play with her ass

I squeezed it so hard she felt
A jolt of pain
She told our Uber slave
Don’t worry about us, we’re insane

As I got out I handed him 5
Bucks. I’m also an economic slave, I said
More power to us, yo

We did a fist bump
Like we both know the deal apparently
He handed me a pamphlet
He said, have you heard about the revolution?

*I lol*

Listen, man. I wrote this.

No fucking way.

*He looks at me in amazement*


So Profound

Hazy daisies shine ubiquitous
Wind blows cold wind blows ticklish
Winds without impetus
So no grey leaves flutter
And a twister twists no longer

A preponderance of people at my gate without a cause
A piranha was the fish that was talked about in Jaws
Photography replacing photographic memories
Concertgoers saw the same concert as those not attending it

Yo, it’s a word so slick and so beautiful, Yo
Age is an ever shrinking cage carried on the shoulders of a beautiful hoe
Radio jams play in the Club of Sam as cruddy hands reach for the mustard jam
All movies now display Apocalypse themes

The Apocalypse theme is pertinent
As the world tires of itself
Humans grow tired of themselves, and that is true maturity
Like a silent emergency you ain’t never heard of me

So well-fueled is drool at the altar of class
The professor filled a glass and skinned a last drip off a Carmex lip
Heard ‘round the corner a half-hearted quip, then a sneeze, and no one blessed it
Atheists opened shop with no suggestions, on sale was logic that lead to question

A single sunflower is dumb power
Smoking cigs outside Trump Tower
In Chicago, that’s where I’m from yo, listen
If you’re driving on LSD, no way you can miss it


The Observer Who Comments

I was raised on the streets
I had not a thing to eat except
A breath of air, and not even fresh
In school I took tests, pure memorization
No practicality, hops
Banality rocks
In a world that dreads boredom
We ensured its antithesis
In the highest office
This is my rocker, I’m off this
Some people are born with no towel to toss in
Woe is they, I am repping for they
Kuz some people have too many problems
To blog about them all day


Captain Obvious

I’m speaking for myself when I say financial insecurity is a very serious problem and it’s pervasive in this country. We want to have a country full of confident people. As opposed to a bunch of overworked dollar chasers unsure how they’re going to meet their basic needs. If you study Maslow’s Hierarchy for a brief moment, you’ll notice that well being is highly contingent on the economy and the distribution of wealth. Too many Americans are at the bottom levels of that hierarchy.

So that’s how I view the underlying problems this country has – in a nutshell.


Union of State 2019

Observe the Union of State
Notice the words mean nothing
Notice the Democrats frowning
They is bluffing concern
When meeting is adjourned
They resume they quest for personal power
I think immigration distracts
From the economy & healthcare
Much to the glee of both parties
I’m touching on politics
Oh. I’m so gnarly

Unemployment is at an all-time low
But wages so low
What does it matter
The rich get richer, yes,
They pockets get fatter
I tuned into the State of the Union
Just to be amused by the chatter