Meet The Damians

“She’s getting bored of her life here. I can tell.”

You can’t tell shit, Damian!

Damian and Damiana

They were not friends and not enemies

They were not a couple and they were not apart

“You’re pretending to be happy.”

Oh stop with that shit, Damian

“I’m just saying.”

Damiana stopped and looked at Damian

Not everyone is as miserable as you.

“You’re wrong! Everyone is as miserable as me…if not more miserable!”

Shut up, Damian.

“I know you’re not happy, Damiana.”

Are you just gonna keep saying that all the way to Alto Hills?



A Stranger’s Generosity

Earlier this month I got a single donation. It was for $1,000. The note said, Keep going young lad. At first, I thought it was my uncle kuz he checks up on me a lot. But he doesn’t call me lad. No one I know does. So it must have been a stranger. Whoever it was, I’m very appreciative. They say the best form of giving is anonymous. Because you can’t expect anything in return. No good publicity, no praise, no anything. But thank you anyway to whoever it was.

My point is: y’all better start donating! Lol.

Where are all the millionaires at? I need some millionaires to start reading my stuff 🤗

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 2

Ice Cream Truck: Hello Mr. Fire Truck

Fire Truck: Hello Ms. Ice Cream Truck

ICT: What are you doing later?

FT: Shit. Just putting out some fires. How bout you?

ICT: I’m being taken for a car wash. At Ducky’s.

FT: You can fit thru there?! Haha. Just kidding.

ICT: Oh screw you. You can afford to lose some weight yourself.

FT: Hey after you’re done, you wanna meet me at the fire station? Like…at 10 o’clock?

ICT: Ok. What are we gonna do?

FT: Just hang out


A firefighter forgets his iPod at the fire station. He slides the garage door and mumbles
, what the fuck?

The fire truck is humping the ice cream truck. He’s hitting it from the back. And suddenly the ice cream truck’s music comes on. I guess that was her orgasm.


A Great Dinner

So Jose, Matthew tells me you’re going back to school?

Yeah. I’m majoring in majoring. It’s complicated. It’s not worth explaining.

So, Sasha, I hear you’re going back to school, to finish your degree in Gemuligi.

Yup. I am so looking forward to it.

Oh and Matt! Weren’t you saying something about going back to school, next semester or something.

Oh yeah. Definitely dude. I gotta finish my Yabadabadu degree. I can get a job that pays me 18 if I finish that.

Jose looked on the ground and saw Sparky. The little mutt. Oh so cute.

So Sparky, I hear you’re going back to school too.