I’ve Been Diagnosed

I’ve been diagnosed…with cancer
Very soon I will be “passing away”
I have cancer in my left buttocks
Also called the asscheek
I had to get my left asscheek removed
And now to prolong my life by 6 months
I will be getting my right asscheek
So it’s understood…I am set to be without an ass
And that’s unfortunate
But not as unfortunate
As being diagnosed
With cancer

Andy Anderson

The Pathetic Story Of Andy

Hello. My name is Andy Anderson.

Some people say I look like Anderson Cooper.

I’m a broken psychologist but I can’t let my patients see it

I hide it well like hide and seek

I’m mad my peers are Jigga and I am Memphis Bleek

Last night I beeped the horn

The driver halted fast and leapt out with scorn

He approached my car and I was too frozen

To lock the door so he opened it and dragged me out

Punched me down then kicked me in the mouth

Hi. I’m Andy Anderson