Beef. What is it?

I’m beefing with a bitch.
Guess that makes me a bitch too
Allow me to assist you
When I cut your wrist
Then pretend to cut my wrist too
Call me the Slasher, the one who creeps alone
I spotted your home, it’s a nice one, a true classic
You’re an independent film, I’m Park Jurassic
I hired a detective with the last of my allowance
Now let’s hit the town
And paint it


It Happened By The Lake

I slit a nigga’s throat. They found his body
On a boat.

So many cameras the next day
Who killed this nigga?
Wasn’t me, I whispered as I whistled past

When I got to work all people
Could talk about
Somebody killed this nigga!
Who do you think it was?
Wasn’t me but…what else is up?

I went home the next day…to my cottage
I’m reading a book, one arm bent back behind my head

I see the nigga slam his hand on the window

I thought this nigga was dead