Infiniti Thoughts

I count to ten in Infinitis
And light blunts to tunes by the Kennedys
Each track reaching back to times preceding me
By eras
No time soon is the high leaving me
Ain’t scared of
Heights and the lows I frown upon bravely
Comic Con crazy
I’m like the Air Force nosediving into the Navy
Drape me in silk spun by spiders
Nevermind them, they hiders
I heard they fruity as a cider made of apples
Ridiculous horsepower, to stomp you out ample
But it’s only once I step out of my car that you get trampled
I’m like civilians enlightened
Like a nation on shrooms
It spells doom to regimes holding back an average person’s dreams
Fleeting thoughts tempt me to express em ever quickly
The world is a ball of damage, it inflicts me
If poverty’s a costume then a little tight it fits me
So strip me
Remaining only the very taste that makes me picky

I count to ten in Infinitis


Mercedes Thoughts

Everyone is out to write the verse that’s perfect
Everyone ends up on Amazon when seeking the worthy purchase

That’s called a Monopoly, folks
The poor play Monopoly
The rich stand aside like good church boys
And make Monopoly jokes

Everyone is out to have fun maximum
Riding in a Dillinger packing Cadillac guns
Most ride trucks with woodgrain Flinstonian
I laced guitars with strings made of flutes
And made em sound like accordions

I levy murder like veggie burger
I never had one, are they good?
Now I could rhyme it with hood, should, or could
Or I can go out on a limb
And rhyme it with wood

I think a Chink is armor Chinese
I traveled to Greece
It was me, a flying monkey, and a flock of geese
Yup, we had a bigger blast than a NASA launch
If you’re a supporter of mine
You better be staunch

Ok…so what else. Life is but an aspect
How hot was the most beautiful Aztec?
Was she a dimepiece
When I get to Heaven I’ma find Robin Williams raunchy
And play with him Jumanji

My legacy…is all fucked up and twisted
It’s rather fitting
Of course I think I’m winning, of course I think I’m outwitting
I can’t stop frowning and can’t stop grinning
At the same time, weird

I think Fox News and CNN should merge together to become a monolithic Propagandist

I’m not the type to try Chantix

I’m a pure breed, a Nazi Latino

Nothing brings to light the magic of the mind like the fact you can get high off a placebo


The Crazy Flow

Ok I have a few minutes
To dedicate to
My blog to medicate you
I saw renegade youth
In the streets of Paris
Serious niggas
Like Justice Clarence
I drove parents
To a soccer game
And forgot to pick em up
So an hour later I sent
My automated truck
To get em
Aliens I met em in Neptune
In a city called Neptuna
I brought them food from Earth
Called Tuna
They were psyched about it
Their mouths watered and foamed
The Year of Magical Thinking
Like Joan Didion, Didion Joan
Keeping up with the Joneses, huh?
The loans, the Cubs
The shrugs at all vicinities
Waiting on my downfall
Is like counting to infinity
I’m Holy like the Trinity
I took a dip in serendipity
Quickly how I move it along
Show me your boobs in a thong


Would we have made a great couple? Maybe. The world will never know. The world may have been robbed of something truly special. Perhaps together we would have been more powerful, more impactful, than we are apart.

It’s always fun to muse over counterfactuals and so I sometimes ponder what could have been. Those thoughts are the stuff dreams are made of. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be living your dream.