What I’m Thankful For

Honestly I’m thankful for being able to wake up every morning knowing that at the very least I will get to write. It’s like, even in the worst case scenario I will have the chance to write. That’s everything to someone like me. And so I am thankful for the ability and the platform. This is why I wish I was religious, so I could have a God to thank. But instead I guess I just gotta thank the universe for letting this be.

I look forward to writing more.


Crazy Thanksgiving Sonnet

The news, around-the-clock views got us stressed
Sensational press, I tell truth in jest
Jaded protestors told, Give it a rest
I do think the Haiku is Mexican

I saw Jim Acosta smiling at work
Drinking beer, in the White House hallways lurked
He buried the lead, on his shirt was dirt
I do think the Sonnet is Alien

I saw a comic bomb vomit on stage
His moniker was Maniacal Mage
He read his jokes off a page, they did age
Well. Well, well. The Limerick is Arabic

The gluestick is Polish like sausage is
I dipped a coffin in ketchup and bit!


Thanksgiving In A Forest Nation

I live in a forest nation y’all
I don’t rake much
So the whole place is on fire and all
Oh wait I’m getting a call
*I answer phone*

Yeah hello?
What do you mean we ran out!?

Of pineapple jello!?
That’s my favorite dude
You are no longer my favorite dude
Go get some more before the store closes

Oh what do you mean at midnight nothing’s open?

I want pineapple jello!!!