I Think I’m Tom Brady

I think I’m Tom Brady
I’m the Tom Brady of poverty
Wow they’re on to me
They think I’m Tom Brady
They saw me throw a football
And now they think I’m Tom Brady
Several people came up to me
With Tom Brady jerseys and a Sharpie
I guess they think I’m Tom Brady
I looked into a mirror and said, what the heck
I think I’m Tom Brady


So Supreme

I’m the ruler supreme, in other words
Supreme Ruler. Believe it or not
It’s about to get cooler

I shot an insect in the discotheque
Then I observed the intellect of the Internet
I ran rampant in the Hamptons
That’s cool, the Hamptons
I was dancin’ like ballerinas do
A hot babe who was 5’8 showed me a ballerina move
That’s cool, ballerinas
I chatted with Tina, the janitor
Before leaving the lobby
Outside I saw Bobby, he licked ice cream off a table
Now you know I gotta rhyme that with fable
Or cable
Anywayz, anywho
Attentive grooves
The operator is smooth
That’s me, the operator
That’s cool, ME
You have to kiss my ass if you wanna duel ME
I got my buttocks kissed by an ugly chick
And a dime hoe
That was sweet
Kill me with kindness
I’ma sucker for flattery
Don’t get mad at me
Kuz I ain’t mad at ya
All I’m tryna say is…
Back atya