In The Name Of Jesus

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?

I’m starting to think Jesus was just a weakling. A lot of what he says is pussy shit

I mean take away divine superpowers and he’s just a pushover.

I’m just thinking out loud man. These aren’t my final thoughts on Jesus. Just a few.

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?


It is Sunday.

I know a pastor from way back in the day

Today he’s going to make an announcement

He’s going to bring me on stage

I wrote out what he should say…I sent it to him and he made some adjustments. And this is the final draft:

I’ve known this man for many years. He’s noble. He’s honest. He’s a man of the people. And he is a pillar of our community. Many of you know him already. He has some flyers with his websites on them. He’d like to pass them out to you all, if it’s not too much trouble.

Then it’s my part.

Like he said, you all know who I am. Many of you know me for other things. But now you will know me for this as well. I hope you guys can relate, to some extent. God bless you all. And Pastor Patrice, thank you. You’ve always been good to me.

*Me and Pastor Patrice hug on stage, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other*

Everyone claps. Everyone is feeling good. It’s a wonderful Sunday.

*I pass out my flyers then I take a seat*

I see some people already looking it up on their phones

I hear scattered yelps of: oh my God, wow, that’s so true, Jose!

And people are turning to look at me

Hey let’s all pay attention to the sermon, everyone. There will be plenty of time to read my writing later.

Jose, I think I’m in love with you, says one fine lady.

Ok. Sweetheart. That’s fine. But you gotta pay attention to the sermon right now.

Another woman professes her love for me. Even a guy!

I’m like, alright. I get up and leave.