Lesbianic medallions spin on dykes in boy shorts

Saggy shorts she’s wearing

But at dick is what she’s staring

At my dick, or the dick of someone standing behind me?

What are you looking at dyke? You want some of this?

Next thing you know…the dyke gives me the sweetest, most softest kiss

As I get out of the train I’m reassessing like, maybe I had dykes all wrong

Shakita Henderson

A Funny Story

Hi. I’m Shakita Henderson and you can tell by my first name I’m not white
I used to be into men but I turned dyke
Now I ride a bike all manly and shit
And I burp loudly when I take shits

I found me a bad lil mama to get down and freaky with
She like, me no speak ingles
But I said that’s cool, eso bueno
You speak sexo?
That language universal

Then one day I met a guy named Hershal

He made me wanna
Switch back
I said mhm *licks lips*
I wanna hit that

So I got all dressed up and I hit the block
Saw him chilling with his homie and I stopped
To say hello, I’m thinking we flirting and shit
Then next thing you know….this muhfucker Hershal
Kiss his homie in the lips!