I Asked The Reverend

I got the courage of ten heroes
Sometimes eleven
I asked the Reverend
When you get to Heaven, what happens?
In other words
What happens, when you get to Heaven?
He said, nothing. Just no suffering
So no pleasure either, correct?
He said yes and I was like damn
Then I stepped outside of the church
And there were cops and hella cams
That’s when I remembered
I was still a wanted man


Tomorrow Is Not Valentine’s Day

Holidays are overrated
I once dated a jaded
She said we artists
Should stick together
I said I couldn’t agree more
We spent time at the seashore

We ran into a guy who was in the military
He was an E-4
He said I just got word from base
An outbreak has broken out. Run!
We had our scuba gear on
So we just dove into the sea
The deep blue sea