Lesbianic medallions spin on dykes in boy shorts

Saggy shorts she’s wearing

But at dick is what she’s staring

At my dick, or the dick of someone standing behind me?

What are you looking at dyke? You want some of this?

Next thing you know…the dyke gives me the sweetest, most softest kiss

As I get out of the train I’m reassessing like, maybe I had dykes all wrong


I Placed An Order

Baby, do you remember

When I kissed your butthole and let my tongue flicker

Baby, do you remember

When they came out with that app, Flickr

Neither do I. After sex make me pie

I want it with vanilla and cherry

And decorate the plate with berries

Oh we don’t have any? Go pick some

Off a tree, duh

Don’t look at me like that, just get going woman

I swear, women are so difficult


Vista La Hasta

I’m so grateful because
I had a beautiful babe pay
Me a conjugal visit

She sat on me like I was Earth
I cursed like, ahh fuck, ahh shit, yeah
Time was up, at the guard I smirked
Lucky you, said the guard
I know, I replied. I’m a lucky guy.

Does she have a cousin
You can hook me up with?

She might. Keep bringing me old rap magazines
And I’ll see what I can do
Two months later I get out
He’s like, but what about the cousin?
Fuck yooouuu