Blake Eddy

The Story Of Blake

It was getting late and Blake ate at a pinic table a saltine

He thought of Jean. Jean was his dream. He wrote her a poem called, I Dream of Jean

He recited the poem to the point of insanity

I Dream of Jean,

he said it slowly,

then rapidly

When he finally saw Jean, he fell in love with her friend Pauline

Now he’s writing a poem called, I Dream of Pauline

And he completely forget the poem called, I Dream of Jean

One day Jean saw Blake. In a tent by the lake – where he lived

Blake was behind a tree taking a piss…when he heard…

I dream of Blake
Blake the one by the lake
The one who says I look great
Without up-make, make-up that is
I dream of Blake, what does he do
How does he live
I dream of Blake, I dream of my prince
I tell my coworkers I’m dreaming of Blake
Please do not pinch
Blake! Blake! Blake! Is the chant in my head
I dream of Blake, and I will dream till I’m dead

Blake: aww shit. I forgot the poem


Cool Ass Adele

I met Adele at an award show and that whore showed
So much cleavage it turned me on
She was with her boyfriend Vincent Wong
I told her, ditch the nerd, I got my ride waiting outside
She did as told and now we’re having the time of our lives
She says she wants something serious
I said, I’m the type of guy who’s into having multiple wives

She said…that’s cool