Dreamt Of A Wild One

I had a scary dream
Construction workers were slamming their equipment into Dairy Queen
And I was in it

Of course zombies were behind them
Tearing at their flesh
One guy broke the glass as a zombie launched itself on his back

I’m like, fuck!

Then I was in a desert with a German Shepherd and a Leapord

The Leapord pissed water and the Shepherd shat moon pies

They also defended me against vicious camels who ran like horses and on their backs rode cactus holding ticki torches

The cacti were the hardest to kill, because it’s wise not bite em

I was fortunate to find in an abandoned temple a pickaxe to slice em

Then I was in a river, flowing downstream too fast to comprehend where it was leading to

It drops me off at a hospital with a cactus on a stretcher with a feeding tube

Then I heard a commotion.
Outside construction workers were slamming their equipment into the hospital
And a wave of zombies was hot on their trails