In The Name Of Jesus

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?

I’m starting to think Jesus was just a weakling. A lot of what he says is pussy shit

I mean take away divine superpowers and he’s just a pushover.

I’m just thinking out loud man. These aren’t my final thoughts on Jesus. Just a few.

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?


It Is Easter

It is Easter
I kick you in your keister
And send you flying to the moon

Soon June it will be
I saw a Mexican hillbilly
And he tried to kill me
We were in the dunes all sandy
A shotgun cocked and he command me
To put my hands up but instead
I drew a gun quickly and popped his head

True story. It is Easter
Miester, mister
Jister, Jaster
Having sex and saying
Yup I tapped her
What is after
See and wait


Society Piety

Social media & Wikipedia
Our generation in a nutshell
Our generation is the generation of lost souls
Aside from online, there’s no where to go

I observe this, and concur this
Is a state of emergency
But everyone suppresses
Their sense of urgency

Hmm. I’m thinking about society
In generalities, then specifics
The Christmas tree represents tradition
Even tho, I’m no longer Christian