Love Her

I love her like tortillas, like the hottest enchilada
I love her like a rap song, I love her like a pizza baked Hawaiian
I love her like the slang I use, love her like a joyster
I don’t even hate her, I just like annoying her
Annoying them, I stand tall amongst annoying men
That’s the crowd I roll with
I told her whole family I love her
They said, no shit


Naughty Northwestern

I knew a guy who knew a gal
She went to Northwestern
And hung out with pals
This guy, he dreamed of undressing
Tracking her down just to see…
If anyone was protecting her

One day he grew the balls
To drive to her building
He found her in the stalls
He said, “howdy y’all”
Even tho it was just her there

Now, this guy and gal I shall not reveal
I overheard this story at a coffee shop
I wonder if it’s real

Hi sweety 😉