Infiniti Thoughts

I count to ten in Infinitis
And light blunts to tunes by the Kennedys
Each track reaching back to times preceding me
By eras
No time soon is the high leaving me
Ain’t scared of
Heights and the lows I frown upon bravely
Comic Con crazy
I’m like the Air Force nosediving into the Navy
Drape me in silk spun by spiders
Nevermind them, they hiders
I heard they fruity as a cider made of apples
Ridiculous horsepower, to stomp you out ample
But it’s only once I step out of my car that you get trampled
I’m like civilians enlightened
Like a nation on shrooms
It spells doom to regimes holding back an average person’s dreams
Fleeting thoughts tempt me to express em ever quickly
The world is a ball of damage, it inflicts me
If poverty’s a costume then a little tight it fits me
So strip me
Remaining only the very taste that makes me picky

I count to ten in Infinitis


Power Shower

I rhyme to beats like street commander
Rocking rhythms like kicks, cleats worn by Barry Sanders
I’m running, Hemi engine brain, I gun it
Even when I lost it I envision how I won it
True dreamer, Belichick schemer, looking leaner in a jersey
Don’t touch me like a wiener with the herpes, I’m untouchable
Ain’t shit free, like paying a deductible
Yo, you looking like headlights caught in the glare of a deer’s gaze
Drunks talking down on other drugs while in the belly of a beer maze
You done bumped into a straight shooter with queer ways
I’m the type to call shook women cowards
While draped in ivory I done took off the tower
I take a shower for tranquility
And run around the house naked
To keep a keen agility