Power Shower

I rhyme to beats like street commander
Rocking rhythms like kicks, cleats worn by Barry Sanders
I’m running, Hemi engine brain, I gun it
Even when I lost it I envision how I won it
True dreamer, Belichick schemer, looking leaner in a jersey
Don’t touch me like a wiener with the herpes, I’m untouchable
Ain’t shit free, like paying a deductible
Yo, you looking like headlights caught in the glare of a deer’s gaze
Drunks talking down on other drugs while in the belly of a beer maze
You done bumped into a straight shooter with queer ways
I’m the type to call shook women cowards
While draped in ivory I done took off the tower
I take a shower for tranquility
And run around the house naked
To keep a keen agility