Why Violence (A Deep Look)

I begin with an obvious statement. When you and another party cannot reconcile your differences by peaceful means, violence is the lone alternative left on the table. One party imposing its will on another party through sheer physical dominance. And that is why, based on how I see the world around me (ultra rich vs. everyone else), it is time to kill lawmakers. “But wait,” you say. “Let us wait until this next election. Let us see what happens.” I agree with you, my brother. Let us give this corrupt government of ours one more chance – for old times sake. But I wouldn’t care if someone got a headstart on this business of killing lawmakers.

I will expand on my political theory of killing lawmakers in a later treatise titled, To Kill Bad Law & Make Good Law: A Guide


Chicago Taxes

A license is precious to have
The city uses the cover of safety
To tax the shit out of people
Not knowing a single ticket
Can ruin a teetering
Financial stability
I can attest to this
They want to squeeze every nickel
I have. Every dime I will earn
The city wants me to earn for them
Instead of taxing higher the rich
They want to suck hard
On poverty’s tit

I always had this proposal in mind
I think it is smart, I think it’s not dumb
Make the price of a ticket proportional
To the driver’s income

Traffic tickets are supposed to be punitive
How punitive is a $100 ticket
To a guy driving a tub on wheels
Bathing in riches