Star Power

Mental dentality salary kalarie jalarie joe
Paddle The Slope, the name of a band
Let’s throw hands, no Vans, just Nikes
Where they make em is frightening
Human rights violations, indeed
I don’t concede I just smoke weed
Until I bleed from my penis hole
I fucked J Cole while listening to Kendrick Lamar
I’m a star. Bitch, I’m a star
You won’t make it far
But me?
I’m a star



I let a tarantula spin a web on my peepee
Hehe it tickles
Who ate the Skittles
Trayvon had when he was lit up
Was someone at forensics like, mmm yum?
When you hold a gun it’s like wow
I can kill someone with this, make it so they don’t exist
Lots of power!
I relaxed for an hour
Then started thinking sour
Then I felt like that song, like I heard someone say
That cat-like screech
When I watched Game of Thrones
I felt really bad for Reek
I was like goddamn! That’s terrible!
I liked better Jon Snow’s parable
When he was flirting with that girl – that was so cute
Someone said a bully was waiting for me outside – and I said hold on let me put on my boots