Why Violence (A Deep Look)

I begin with an obvious statement. When you and another party cannot reconcile your differences by peaceful means, violence is the lone alternative left on the table. One party imposing its will on another party through sheer physical dominance. And that is why, based on how I see the world around me (ultra rich vs. everyone else), it is time to kill lawmakers. “But wait,” you say. “Let us wait until this next election. Let us see what happens.” I agree with you, my brother. Let us give this corrupt government of ours one more chance – for old times sake. But I wouldn’t care if someone got a headstart on this business of killing lawmakers.

I will expand on my political theory of killing lawmakers in a later treatise titled, To Kill Bad Law & Make Good Law: A Guide


He Never Heard Of No Hiatus

Sabatical? Nah
I pass a radical law
Outlawing clawing at the true throne
I shoot with a bazooka a tombstone
Bazooka Denali. Bring bazooka to rally

Sabatical? Nope.
My new philosophy is radical hope
I subscribe to it and prescribe it to you
Breaking out the Stalin voodoo
Stop right there.
I permeate the night
The night sky air.



I became a lobbyist
I storm into offices and represent
My company, my industry
Politician rushes over, goes for my briefcase
Gimme it!!!
In it is a quarter million bucks

I gladly give it up
And say: next time there’s a mass shooting, what do you say?
Gun control sucks!
Didn’t even look at me when she said it
She was too busy slobbering all over the money
I was like hmm this democracy thing is kinda funny