Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 10

Officer 1: You think he’s ready?

Officer 2: Yeah he sounds ready. Let’s bring him in.

Officer 1: You know…some people do the craziest things.

Officer 2: He’s not crazy. He’s stupid.

Officer 1: Well…I wouldn’t be so sure.

Officer 2: We’re gonna see when we bring him in. We’re gonna get a good measure of him.

Officer 1: Yeah I actually can’t wait for that.

Officer 2: I bet you a small coffee he’ll start crying for his mommy.

Officer 1: Oh shit look at that. He just wrote a post addressing us talking about him.


ART hritis

She has arthritis in her tits

She said, Jose I need you to take me to the hospital

For what?

I have arthritis – in my tits.

Is that even possible?

It is. I’m the first case. They want to name the disease after me

Wow. Well at least you get that.

Yeah. So can you take me?


Thanks babe. You’re the best.

Hey, I’m just doing what any decent person would.

No. You’re better than a decent person. . . You are a great person.



Random List Pt. 21

An egg with purple stripes. It hatches and in it are a book of matches

A girl cop making your world stop when she hurls shots at your twirl top

You win the lottery. Next day you invest in pottery and a company named Shottery

I threw myself on the ground and no one tried to pick me up

I discovered a new drug, it’s called Notti, you drink it with tea or with cotti

You arrive at your apartment, it’s dark. Thru a straw someone shoots at you a dart

I graduated with a degree, a bachelor’s, now I’m at home feeling like a factor

I ate cupcakes in a Mustang, while blasting the music of a band named Punch Fangs

I opened a kratom bar. 5 years later I’m recognized as a kratom star