It Is Easter

It is Easter
I kick you in your keister
And send you flying to the moon

Soon June it will be
I saw a Mexican hillbilly
And he tried to kill me
We were in the dunes all sandy
A shotgun cocked and he command me
To put my hands up but instead
I drew a gun quickly and popped his head

True story. It is Easter
Miester, mister
Jister, Jaster
Having sex and saying
Yup I tapped her
What is after
See and wait


The Asylum Was Once Sane

I fought a chick
In the streets I fought a chick
I thought hmm they claim they iz equal
So I’ma fight a bitch

I fought the odds, I went against them, facts
When I blast the MAC it turns into a TEC, just magically
Saddle me, but not with debt
Oh wait these days that’s the only thing one can be saddled with
The school of Adler’s shit

I enrolled in DePaul
Which major? Fuck it.
I studied them all
I’m having a ball but my basketball is across the room……weird.


Waking Up…With Sam Charris


Damn what happened? I’ve been asleep the last two weeks. Anything new? Seriously guys, anything?

Oh shit.

I thought of something

A guy breaking a light bulb on his head then collecting the glass in a dustpan and pouring it in a dog bowl and then a dog-sized elephant comes along and sucks it up and then its trunk starts bleeding from the outside…and then…and then…you fuck the elephant in the ass…crazy thinking or nah?

Damn did I just fuck everything up?

Ah. Who cares.

Wait….I just had another thought