I Stand With Lemonade

I shake my little dick until you see me spraying semen sauce

I live in Gotham where Semen is boss

I knew a guy from Oregon, his name was Emily

He said Jose, even tho I’m white, you kinda resemble me

She worked at a pizzeria, in the bathroom she was doing diarrhea

But the toilet wouldn’t flush

So now the manager had to come into the bathroom, and she blushed

He was like damn Maria, that’s quite a mess you made

And hey! Where’s Jose?

He’s outside selling lemonade


My Parents

My parents don’t realize
That I’m an awesome author
So they ain’t proud of me
Yet! I bet in a decade half
They will laugh at present doubts
I swear to God mom. Don’t kick me out!
I swear I’m writing a classic work
She says, I need to be more practical
And that I’m just like one of my aunts
Hey man…I’m a writer
I didn’t choose to be what I am