On The Haiku…

Honestly, I don’t know why the haiku is so celebrated. It’s just a random decree about the length of three lines. Like wooowww. Ok. Who was the brilliant Jap that thought of this? I write haikus from time to time and sometimes I’m like… I can’t believe this is even a thing. I’m gonna make up my own set of rules for a piece of writing and give it a name. Yup.


I Asked The Reverend

I got the courage of ten heroes
Sometimes eleven
I asked the Reverend
When you get to Heaven, what happens?
In other words
What happens, when you get to Heaven?
He said, nothing. Just no suffering
So no pleasure either, correct?
He said yes and I was like damn
Then I stepped outside of the church
And there were cops and hella cams
That’s when I remembered
I was still a wanted man