Meet The Damians

“She’s getting bored of her life here. I can tell.”

You can’t tell shit, Damian!

Damian and Damiana

They were not friends and not enemies

They were not a couple and they were not apart

“You’re pretending to be happy.”

Oh stop with that shit, Damian

“I’m just saying.”

Damiana stopped and looked at Damian

Not everyone is as miserable as you.

“You’re wrong! Everyone is as miserable as me…if not more miserable!”

Shut up, Damian.

“I know you’re not happy, Damiana.”

Are you just gonna keep saying that all the way to Alto Hills?



No Home-O

If not for my parents…I might be homeless
I’m 26 and if not for my parents
I could very well be homeless
I’m so lucky because my mom
She says I can stay here forever

Obviously I don’t want to
But I can’t afford to live
Somewhere else
And I’m 26!
Am I supposed to be embarrassed?
If not for my parents…I might be homeless

And that is NOT sexy

Sometimes reality is not sexy

Sometimes it is

Folks From The Future

Meet Martina

Meet Martina Alansky

What she did with her first year of UBI checks was start a small clothing company.

“I was in tears when I realized I could pursue my childhood dream of designing a clothing brand despite working a deadend job as a waitress. I now have enough money to pay for the material and manufacturing and bring to fruition my clothing designs. I thought I would never do it…..*she begins sobbing*

“I thought this is it, you know? Me working double shifts at a diner to pay for my apartment. How could I pursue a dream, you know? When all my money goes to that.”

I looked at her clothes and noticed that they were indeed stylish. And I was happy for her that she had been able to make them.

“Even if I don’t turn a profit…I’m just glad I could do something I love and put my creative product out there, you know? And it would have never been possible without the Freedom Dividend.”

Wow, I said. That really hits home.


So Profound

Hazy daisies shine ubiquitous
Wind blows cold wind blows ticklish
Winds without impetus
So no grey leaves flutter
And a twister twists no longer

A preponderance of people at my gate without a cause
A piranha was the fish that was talked about in Jaws
Photography replacing photographic memories
Concertgoers saw the same concert as those not attending it

Yo, it’s a word so slick and so beautiful, Yo
Age is an ever shrinking cage carried on the shoulders of a beautiful hoe
Radio jams play in the Club of Sam as cruddy hands reach for the mustard jam
All movies now display Apocalypse themes

The Apocalypse theme is pertinent
As the world tires of itself
Humans grow tired of themselves, and that is true maturity
Like a silent emergency you ain’t never heard of me

So well-fueled is drool at the altar of class
The professor filled a glass and skinned a last drip off a Carmex lip
Heard ‘round the corner a half-hearted quip, then a sneeze, and no one blessed it
Atheists opened shop with no suggestions, on sale was logic that lead to question

A single sunflower is dumb power
Smoking cigs outside Trump Tower
In Chicago, that’s where I’m from yo, listen
If you’re driving on LSD, no way you can miss it


Never Forget (Always Remember)

Keep in mind
I’m just a guy working a 9 to 5
At a casino. You gotta see this
I’m just driving people around in a Prius
Very economical
Sometimes I tilt my seat all the way back
And work on my abdominals
I put a little flyer up behind the headrest
So people can check out my poetry if they’d like
One guy was reading my poetry as I was driving
And when we got to the destination
He said, “is this what you write?”