No Home-O

If not for my parents…I might be homeless
I’m 26 and if not for my parents
I could very well be homeless
I’m so lucky because my mom
She says I can stay here forever

Obviously I don’t want to
But I can’t afford to live
Somewhere else
And I’m 26!
Am I supposed to be embarrassed?
If not for my parents…I might be homeless

And that is NOT sexy

Sometimes reality is not sexy

Sometimes it is


My Parents

My parents don’t realize
That I’m an awesome author
So they ain’t proud of me
Yet! I bet in a decade half
They will laugh at present doubts
I swear to God mom. Don’t kick me out!
I swear I’m writing a classic work
She says, I need to be more practical
And that I’m just like one of my aunts
Hey man…I’m a writer
I didn’t choose to be what I am