I Think I’m Tom Brady

I think I’m Tom Brady
I’m the Tom Brady of poverty
Wow they’re on to me
They think I’m Tom Brady
They saw me throw a football
And now they think I’m Tom Brady
Several people came up to me
With Tom Brady jerseys and a Sharpie
I guess they think I’m Tom Brady
I looked into a mirror and said, what the heck
I think I’m Tom Brady


I Think I’m Makaveli

Daisy dukes and baby nukes
I learned how to
Make a nuke from scratch
The nuclear football
Was thrown at the President
Someone said “catch!”

I caught a nuke and threw
A Hail Mary – completed
Everyday I’m persevering
Everyday they think I’m defeated
I deflated the nuclear football
Like the Patriots cheating
They said, “who you got in the playoffs?”
I said the Bears. They’re still in it
They play this weekend