A True Patriot

I feel like Mitch Trubisky
When he played Tampa
Imagine a football player
Taking a shit on the flag
During the national anthem

I criticize my country
Because I love it, I really do
I bleed red

You can’t doubt my love for the nation
(You really can’t)
I am the product of playing Spyro on the PlayStation
(I really am)

Adlibs. Adlibs in poetry. This is a first
Rolling up Barney
I’m smoking purp
I try a lot of things
To see what works
I feel like a guy named Dirk
Dirk Naverk

So what else? What have I not spoken
Oops I mean written
Cold hand smokes a cigarette
Da fuck is a mitten?
Remember Thanksgiving
Nah actually don’t


Thanksgiving In A Forest Nation

I live in a forest nation y’all
I don’t rake much
So the whole place is on fire and all
Oh wait I’m getting a call
*I answer phone*

Yeah hello?
What do you mean we ran out!?

Of pineapple jello!?
That’s my favorite dude
You are no longer my favorite dude
Go get some more before the store closes

Oh what do you mean at midnight nothing’s open?

I want pineapple jello!!!


Language Arts

Ok…so i converted one cent into a peso and bought kayso (queso)
I took the queso and put em in warm tortillas…then, I eat em
I mean ate em
My thoughts are like mini-mes and i debate em like I’m on a debate team
There’s no such thing as a fake dream, there just isn’t
Flashback to me drinking on my neighbor’s porch and then pissing
In the gangway
That is how we used to maintain
I lost touch with them. I wonder if they’re still maintaining
I’m gaining ground and I haven’t made a sound
The word profound gets overused a lot but i think I’m really profound
Overused alot…that’s a tautology
Only if I make up words can I expand my terminology
I got notebooks with made up words
No history. No connotations.
A fresh vocabulary for the entire nation
That’s what we need right now
Aside from the fact that everybody needs to put down the beer
And smoke weed right now
Someone told me: Deluniz gerselis my philayntrage
And I said: Ah! Now you’re speaking my language