Must-Read Thoughts

I’m like a bolt of water streaking thru the night sky and passing thru a rod
I respect the facial hair of Chuck Todd
Many think only clean shaven is presentable but no – I don’t agree
I never played the Wii but I did play the GameCube
Hispanic guy named Jesus, you pronounce it Hey Zeus
Trust me, I know this kinda stuff

Lizzie McGuire is Hilary Duff
Remember when she sang songs?
I feel like Hong Kong in a blizzard eastern time with a swig of lemon chops
Like John Lennon I rock
I’m in the spot so you know it’s gonna be hot


Album Coming Soon

When I rock the mic
My saliva comes out as beads
Beads shaped as spikes
I spray, yeah
I tame, yeah
I gotchu in the frame, yeah
Me? I’m cool
I’m cool where I’m at
My mom says, Mijo, you should get back to rap

So I’m writing mad bars
Music is like a bike and I’m letting you sit on the handle bars
Randle had SARs
I’m America’s scar
And I ain’t going nowhere
I’ll always appear
I’m here

Just in time for the Christmas cheer


Dance With Me, Sugar

I boogie I doogie

I do a dance for every poem

💯 bands – I throw em

Bestow, behold a godly man

I dance, I dance, come see me do my dance

Meet my homie, Fredrick and meet my homie, Lance

I do the cha-cha

Ah! AH!

My dance, my dance, come see me do my dance!

I swear it’s the best dance

I call my dance the Jose Dance


Cool Ass Adele

I met Adele at an award show and that whore showed
So much cleavage it turned me on
She was with her boyfriend Vincent Wong
I told her, ditch the nerd, I got my ride waiting outside
She did as told and now we’re having the time of our lives
She says she wants something serious
I said, I’m the type of guy who’s into having multiple wives

She said…that’s cool



Umm Boy

Umm I want to play the drums
By banging flutes on them
Let the stray winds whisp by
And play a note on them

Musician, turning down scheduled intermissions
Mathematician, writing diatribes against division

An oppressed country, dreamy
Eyed dreaming of regimes
Richard Dawkins coined the term
The term we know as Memes
Things you didn’t know
We always here of death blows
But never hear of life blows
Just like you never hear of
Positive psychos
One kid’s glow stick
Held up to make a night glow

Go figure, my man
Catch me in the first week of Jan
Being born in a random hospital
25 years later, I’m here
Feeling like…
I gotz ta flow