Political Talk Show (Basement Edition)

I’m gonna start a political talk show. That’s where the money’s at these days. It will all be from the perspective of a guy in a basement. I’ll probably average 32 views a day. 28 coming from me. But hey everyone has to start somewhere. I’ll probably give up after going a long stretch without positive reinforcement. But something I’ll never give up on is this right here, folks. I love me some WordPress.

Emillio Nare

A Fine Barber

Sitting in a barber’s chair
Barber is not there
Only my glare
My barber is named Emilio Nare

He’s running late
His car stopped on a train track
Someone was giving him a jump
But just then the horn of a train blared

You shoulda told me, dude
You should go home and get some rest
Nah, dude. Now I really need the money
Damn. I feel you dude

I needed that car to take my kid to school too, bro
And my baby momma uses it to get to work. She’s off today. She still dont know about it.
UBI, man. It would really help in a situation like this.
Please, man. I don’t want to get into politics right now.
Well politics affects our lives. In one way or another.
Ok. So what is UBI again?
Well. In Andrew Yang’s mind. It’s a $1,000 stipend every American gets from the age of 18.

Every month, right?
Yeah I think I remember
Yeah man. And between you and your girl, you’d have enough to buy a decent whip within a few months
That’d be dope. But we dont live in that world bro.
But we can.

Alright man. Here’s 30
Thanks dude
*I give my barber a hug*

Erica Prinsley

Social Security

Meet Erica Prinsley
She retired at 74 and now collects
Social Security checks
But it’s not enough so now?
She has to deliver for GrubHub

But an even better idea
Is to work under the table
For a Chinese place she passed by
Getting paid cash is the best way to fly
Under the radar

Months later her car stopped working
She couldn’t afford to fix it, so she herself stopped working
Now she can’t afford the proper medication
Before the end of the year she died
From Tuberculation

Meet Erica Prinsley

Javier Vazquez

The Story Of Javier Vazquez

Using a cobra as a yo-yo, eating a ho-ho in slow mo and rocking a Tony Romo


Hi. I’m Javier Vazquez from Jersey. New Jersey that is.

By the age of 25 I had 3 kids

1 on the way from a different mom

Where did I go wrong, I often ask this shit

I’ll never say I regret having my kids

But this stinks!

Child support has pushed me to the brink

I work at an old rusty facotry

Late on child support so the court is after me

They’re gonna take away money automatically from my checks

I forget what that’s called

All I have to relax me

Is what I’m doing right now

Playing basketball

Alone at midnight.


The Economy Is Booming

Working on a dock
for 16 cents a day
better off sucking cock
for a grand a day.

Lately, I’ve been considering
working at a strip club
instead of niggering
Girls showing me love and tipping me

I knew a guy
who looked like a little monkey
but he said he made good money stripping
Tipping is good, he’d smile and say

Sucking cock for 16 cents a day
Better off working on a dock
for 16 cents a day
Really tho?