Paula Samson

She was a woman of rank and honor

She often spoke of politics and movies

She had a husband, active duty

He was stationed in a shit country

And getting paid quite well for it

One day a native killed this tourist

And Paula cried a millenia

“Where’d she go? She was right here. I’m telling ya!”

*They looked out the window*

On the street lay the body of Paula


Tomorrow Is Not Valentine’s Day

Holidays are overrated
I once dated a jaded
She said we artists
Should stick together
I said I couldn’t agree more
We spent time at the seashore

We ran into a guy who was in the military
He was an E-4
He said I just got word from base
An outbreak has broken out. Run!
We had our scuba gear on
So we just dove into the sea
The deep blue sea


A Rare Bird

Step into the church where the flock spaces out
The atheist pastor presides over a congregation in doubt

I flew South for Easter and bought a plane, three-winged
I had dinner with kings and slept with the servants
It rains Xanax for he who is nervous
I asked a lost man for my purpose
He told me: Get lost!

I came across a pond
And from underneath the water you heard songs
The musical notes made little ripples
As they reached the surface they dispersed
I put my ear to the pond, and heard

I swung the fiscal sword and slashed the budget militarily
Missile manufacturers were stunned by my severity
I traced a ball of yarn back into a barn
And saw a cow fucking a chicken – much to my alarm

I returned to Chicago, not a cent richer
I told my girl knowledge is a liquid
And the brain, it is a pitcher
Mine is overflowing now it’s spilling into yours
She said, Jose you are sick
& I’m glad there’s not a cure


American Imperialism

espousing views, perspectives whew!
The few, the proud
The Marines
Join now! And occupy a base in a country we’re not needed
The military-industrial complex keeps feeding
Needing taxpayer money, more! more! more!
Forget everything else, the military budget must grow
Year in, year out
Get your military gear out
The US is in the house!