Let’s Skip The Chatter

I told a room of ten psychologists,

You’re all a bunch of pompous assholes

We’re psychiatrists, sir

Even worse! You guys think your shit medicine can fix everything

Suck my dick! All of you!

I got up and saw two men rushing towards me

They had a jacket, the jacket was strait

Sir just stay calm

But instead I exploded and took everyone down with me

But minutes later? I began to regenerate and I walked out of the room


I’ve Been Diagnosed

I’ve been diagnosed…with cancer
Very soon I will be “passing away”
I have cancer in my left buttocks
Also called the asscheek
I had to get my left asscheek removed
And now to prolong my life by 6 months
I will be getting my right asscheek
So it’s understood…I am set to be without an ass
And that’s unfortunate
But not as unfortunate
As being diagnosed
With cancer