Press Conference

2nd Question

Jose…how are you feeling today?

I don’t know man. I’m not feeling any particular way. Umm I am happy that many people are now reading my writing. And we’ll see what the verdict is. Do more people than not agree that this is what life is like for them.

But wait if I could just interrupt for a moment…some of the stuff you say is just plain off putting. Do you see any value in that? I don’t understand so if you could just –

Yeah. Well, umm…if people find what I write off putting, so be it. I just hope those people can compartmentalize and appreciate other aspects of my writing. And really I just hope for empathy for both the good and bad.

Wow that may be alot to ask for, sir.

Ok. Next question.

Looking back on everything that’s happened…do you have any regrets?

Press Conference

1st Question

Jose, umm, what would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?

Umm…honestly I think I would have been a farmer…yeah most likely…I like to farm. I farm good. I’m just blessed, man, that this writing shit presented itself as an opportunity to improve my surroundings and get out of the situation I was in. I don’t think I would have achieved the same success through farming. But I mean…that’s probably what I would have ended up doing if it wasn’t for writing..

Thank you.

Next question.


On The Run For Fun

I’m on the run. Helicopters circle skies
People cry, “I think he’s over here!”
When in fact I’m not. False alarm
On the news they say he could be armed
Let his charm not fool you, they warn
Raining down on me is the mainstream media’s scorn
“He’s despicable!” says a newsman
On YouTube I view them
Talkin’ bout me…kinda weird
“Oh shit! I think he’s over here!”

Oh fuck! Gotta go!


The Atlantic

A guy named Karl Taylor died
An article on how to save the American worker
Desk job tips on how lower class workers can survive
Something about going after Pelosi, Nancy
China is detaining Muslims on a mass scale
Hmm didn’t know that, but don’t care if you ask me
A guy named Mike Epsy is tryna be a Senator – great

And that’s it

That’s the news for today.

November 27, 2018


The Atlantic

Ok…something about Elon Musk digging tunnels
I always liked cruising in tunnels, the dark makes me ecstasy
Something about “Friendsgiving” – a Millennial recipe
Never heard of it. Is that a white thing?
Something about Brexit. Theresa May. And crisis.

An article recounting the Clinton impeachment
Damn! Let that story go already
Freeways are apparently on fire
In Cali. Use A/C or be sweaty

An article covering mass media’s promotion of mass shootings
The Midterm’s sending a message to Trump, like love shot by cupid
The Unabomber, Cesar Sayoc, the guy who sent a bomb to De Niro. WTF
Killer tulips. “Trump Gets NATO Backwards”
Hmm…I rather read and write smut

So What?

The Atlantic

November 15, 2018


Election Coverage

Election coverage, rock my bones baby
Election coverage, thrill me deep
The election is electric, it’s like wow what’s gonna happen
The political landscape is rearranging, time to reassess it

How much change can we expect?
Radical change is best
But I have a feeling
That’s the change we will not get

Call me a Negative Nancy
But hey I have my reasons

I walked onto the floor of the Senate
And left everybody wheezing


Stormy Daniels

I have a confession
I fucked Stormy Daniels

But will CNN cover it? No
And I also was married at the time
We got married legally
For a ceremony we had not one dime
But that’s fine
We still file our taxes jointly

The point? Sheesh

I fucked Stormy Daniels. That’s all I’m saying
I slayed that pussy raw too
Then we watched cartoons
She was like aww you
Are so young at heart
And in appearance too
But you think with the mind that ancient spirits do
Yeah you’re right, Stormy, I said back
Now give me head as I tilt my head back
And I’ll massage your ass, so lay on your stomach
I texted my wife, Threesome?
She texted back, ha you’re funny
Maybe if I was bi, she added in another text

Months later Stormy texted me. I thought she wanted more sex
But she hit me with that I’m pregnant crap instead
How did that happen?!
Umm we had unprotected sex, she said
Oh that’s right

Anyway, I had sex with Stormy Daniels. But will CNN cover it? Maybe yes…