We Kissed

We kissed in a hallway, it was like really cute

We both had really good breath

We complimented each other on our breath

We walked in a park, it was misty

I think this weather is sexy, I said.

We then began kissing again

You must really like kissing, I said.

I don’t see you complaining

We continued walking.

I dropped her off in front of a bakery.

Ok, have fun at work, I said.

We then began kissing again.

Her boss came out and said, you two love birds can get yourselves a room later. We have work to do .

Bye Jose.




She’s like, Jose. Tell a story about this wall. Let’s see how good you are.

Damn. What can I say about a wall, I wondered.

Ok. This wall…nah I can’t do it. Pick something else.

Ok. Tell a story about that wall.

Very funny….ok.

These two walls were actually made in the same factory. They were very close because they were stacked on top of each other at a warehouse. They chatted many nights away. They talked about their dream to adorn a beautiful home. “I can’t wait,” said one of them. “I hope they put a painting on me.”

“Me too,” said the other. “I hope it’s a Jackson Pollack ”

What’s a Jackson Pollack?”

“I don’t know,” said the other. “But from what I hear they’re really cool looking.

“Yay. I hope they put one on me too.”

A week later they were shipped in a box.

“Where are we going,” asked the wall.

“I think we’re going to a store. And from there people will be able to buy us and put us in their home.”


The day came when one of these walls was peeled off the other. And the other was left behind.

“They didn’t pick me!”

“Oh my God. I’m gonna miss you. I love you,” said the other wall.

They yelled back and forth at each other until the wall disappeared through the sliding doors. They promised not to forget each other. No matter what.

And then?

Days later, one of the construction workers got really drunk. His girlfriend called him and said she was breaking up with him. He got so mad, he punched a wall.

So he went back to the store and bought a new one, out of his own pocket.

The wall didn’t recognize this fellow. It thought it was going to a new home. It was indifferent, nothing else mattered to it. It was resigned to its fate.

Needless to say, these two walls that face each other are now reunited and they talk to each other every night. We just can’t hear them.

Oh my God, Jose. I think we should hang up some paintings. Two Jackson Pollacks for these walls.

I agree. We’ll look em up online tomorrow and see how much they cost. Maybe we can afford them.

Great story, Jose. I now love these walls.

Me too, I said.

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 2

Ice Cream Truck: Hello Mr. Fire Truck

Fire Truck: Hello Ms. Ice Cream Truck

ICT: What are you doing later?

FT: Shit. Just putting out some fires. How bout you?

ICT: I’m being taken for a car wash. At Ducky’s.

FT: You can fit thru there?! Haha. Just kidding.

ICT: Oh screw you. You can afford to lose some weight yourself.

FT: Hey after you’re done, you wanna meet me at the fire station? Like…at 10 o’clock?

ICT: Ok. What are we gonna do?

FT: Just hang out


A firefighter forgets his iPod at the fire station. He slides the garage door and mumbles
, what the fuck?

The fire truck is humping the ice cream truck. He’s hitting it from the back. And suddenly the ice cream truck’s music comes on. I guess that was her orgasm.