Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 2

Ice Cream Truck: Hello Mr. Fire Truck

Fire Truck: Hello Ms. Ice Cream Truck

ICT: What are you doing later?

FT: Shit. Just putting out some fires. How bout you?

ICT: I’m being taken for a car wash. At Ducky’s.

FT: You can fit thru there?! Haha. Just kidding.

ICT: Oh screw you. You can afford to lose some weight yourself.

FT: Hey after you’re done, you wanna meet me at the fire station? Like…at 10 o’clock?

ICT: Ok. What are we gonna do?

FT: Just hang out


A firefighter forgets his iPod at the fire station. He slides the garage door and mumbles
, what the fuck?

The fire truck is humping the ice cream truck. He’s hitting it from the back. And suddenly the ice cream truck’s music comes on. I guess that was her orgasm.


Psy Borg Thore

I’m homicidal
So it’s smart to stay away from me
At any second
I could snap
I could crack
A joke…and defuse the tension
But why do that? When I LOVE the tension

Yup. I think ya shit sucks
Just give up
You’ll never achieve, you’ll never climb higher
I’m a poet slash vampire
I’m out!
Syke! I’m a damn liar
My name is not even Jose
It’s actually Miguelito
That’s an inside joke


Poppin A Rugged Tamale

I pop da nine at his silly face
I go really ape. I have so much material ..
I’m really Drake
Yo I catch hate as if hate was a ball
I’m the type to shoot up students taking a field trip to the mall
Fuck it, why stall? This life is short nigga
I’m 5’8 with shoes on…you short nigga
Don’t shortchange me…kuz if you do I get antsy
I make hoes so wet, they leak blood thru their panties



I Tell Her Like This

I tell her like this, baby I love you
But I’ma leave you alone
Don’t follow me yo
Just make your own home
I have many issues to tend to
I’ll never forget you
You were a very good listener
That, I give you credit for
Thank you for listening
I have to continue writing
Continue envisioning
You can no longer dream with me baby
But damn…it was cool while it lasted
Some people are never cool
And for a long while…
I was fantastic
And so were you
We all got to be cool together
We can only dream
We remain cool forever