It Is Easter

It is Easter
I kick you in your keister
And send you flying to the moon

Soon June it will be
I saw a Mexican hillbilly
And he tried to kill me
We were in the dunes all sandy
A shotgun cocked and he command me
To put my hands up but instead
I drew a gun quickly and popped his head

True story. It is Easter
Miester, mister
Jister, Jaster
Having sex and saying
Yup I tapped her
What is after
See and wait


Waking Up…With Sam Charris


Damn what happened? I’ve been asleep the last two weeks. Anything new? Seriously guys, anything?

Oh shit.

I thought of something

A guy breaking a light bulb on his head then collecting the glass in a dustpan and pouring it in a dog bowl and then a dog-sized elephant comes along and sucks it up and then its trunk starts bleeding from the outside…and then…and then…you fuck the elephant in the ass…crazy thinking or nah?

Damn did I just fuck everything up?

Ah. Who cares.

Wait….I just had another thought


So Cool

I’m singing Christmas Carols

I knew a guy named Daryl and a chick named Peprika

I speak a….smidget compared to my writing

I’m fighting, I’m boxing

While you watch videos of iPhone unboxings

You the type to watch the Trending videos on YouTube

Not me. I’m too cool to watch what’s trendy

On my brokest day, sir, you cannot outspend me

I got lotz of energy like the Drake song say

The day hasn’t even started and it’s already been a long day

Not for me tho, I’m the type to brag about my energy

When I was in school…I had a lot of enemies

And a few friends who thought Jose was cool to hang with

Everyday it is the same shit. I got my little routine going

I’m knowing that my writing is exciting to its author

I mean what could be better than providing your own excitement

Poetry is a boxing ring and I am its Mike Tyson

Before he bit a nigga’s ear off! lol


Wild Style Wednesdays

Im a kamikaze pilot…the sky was dark,,,there was an explosion (boom!)
And then the sky was lit

Omg Im tired of this shit!!! But real men don’t cry

That’s what daddy told me. Daddy don’t hold me
Im too big to be held

I told my favorite concubine, go get my gel

It’s time to bring
My hair to life

The world ends at 9PM
Let’s not care tonight

I’m sinking half-court shots
From the charity strike

The harder the task, the more I bask in it, true

I play basketball, I shoot a basket or two

The government is like…no one is asking you!

No one had to dude


Bag it

Toss my salad to enter the palace of impossible sculpture

If you look up at the sky you’ll see upside down vultures

If you put on the binoculars and stare at a brick wall you’ll see culture

I can’t fault her, the gal is just stupidly curious

I’m furious. Furiously in love.

The mountains are not even rough, no rock is found jagged

I told Kurt Warner: Bag it