What Is Jail Like?

Jail iz hard. U can get hurt by other inmates. Dey might fuck u if u not careful. Specially if u a sexy boy. Also, u should join gang. For protection. In jail fud iz not good, no sir. But hey when I wuz on the outside I ain’t even get no food. No dental care either. In here I do. Dat was not just no rumor. And also Andy, he a great guy. He talk to me about my problems. Only good thing in jail that I met Andy. Ok. I hab to go now. Bye bye.

Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 4 (Ahoy, Maytes)

Sailor: Captain, we’ve received the orders. Are you sure about this?

Captain: I’ve never been more sure about anything.

Sailor: Captain, after this…..can we go get ice cream?

Captain: Yes.

Sailor: You promise?

Captain: Yes.

****20 years later****

Sailor and Captain are on Death Row

Guard: What do you two maggots want for your last meal?

Sailor, Captain (in unison): Ice cream!

Sailor: I want Gold Medal Ribbon

Captain: Umm me too actually. That’s my favorite! Hey you copied me!

Sailor: No you copied me!

Captain: No you copied me!

Sailor: No you copied me!

*Voices slowly drown out*