So Profound

Hazy daisies shine ubiquitous
Wind blows cold wind blows ticklish
Winds without impetus
So no grey leaves flutter
And a twister twists no longer

A preponderance of people at my gate without a cause
A piranha was the fish that was talked about in Jaws
Photography replacing photographic memories
Concertgoers saw the same concert as those not attending it

Yo, it’s a word so slick and so beautiful, Yo
Age is an ever shrinking cage carried on the shoulders of a beautiful hoe
Radio jams play in the Club of Sam as cruddy hands reach for the mustard jam
All movies now display Apocalypse themes

The Apocalypse theme is pertinent
As the world tires of itself
Humans grow tired of themselves, and that is true maturity
Like a silent emergency you ain’t never heard of me

So well-fueled is drool at the altar of class
The professor filled a glass and skinned a last drip off a Carmex lip
Heard ‘round the corner a half-hearted quip, then a sneeze, and no one blessed it
Atheists opened shop with no suggestions, on sale was logic that lead to question

A single sunflower is dumb power
Smoking cigs outside Trump Tower
In Chicago, that’s where I’m from yo, listen
If you’re driving on LSD, no way you can miss it


Metropolis Blues

Metropolis blues
The Metra moves lives
The sigh of a construction
Worker. The stale smile of a crossing
Guard. In the cold standing mostly
Idle. Tidal, the app. Headphones
Rubbing the window. Relaxed as the bus
Rolls at a Pace one can sleep to

Metropolis blues
An orangutan the zoo
Escaped. On Michigan Ave
On the loose is He
Be aware. Media social
Posting this ape going
Postal. Workers stop at my door
Yesterday I received an even more
Unsightly bill than the day before
Today it’s like, “wait there’s more”

Metropolis blues
Briefcases clap
Against calfs
And swing like a hammer
If hammers could swing
I would nail
The broad in the red
Metropolis blues


LOVE. What is it?

Love feels like
100 doves flying
Like the keenest optimism
Like a feeling of knowing, love feels like

Love is like
A puzzle not meant for solving
Love can be at a standstill
Or it can be evolving, love is like
Love is like… coughing comfort
And sneezing beauty

Love is like
A word spelt with a pretty arrangement
Of letters, of syllables
Love is like
The opposite of cynical, love is like

Love feels like
….if you felt it
And no longer feel it
Then you know love felt like something
There’s a notable difference when it’s absent
So you know…love feels like something


What I’m Writing Right Now

The snowfall descends with the grace of 1,000 men

I went to the dollar store to a buy a notebook
And a ballpoint pen

I use the edge of my bed as a desk and begin

So I’m sitting on the floor pretty much

I can write a small scene describing murderous ducks
Ferocious zombie ducks that can drive pickup trucks
And their beaks they sharpen against a rock
And when they peck they leave a gash
Then splash their wings on you to smother you
Other ducks come around and hover too
Then when the humans turn to zombies they follow the ducks
The flock of ducks

Or Fuck.

I can write about a slouch who runs the world from his couch
He orders orange chicken everyday and makes dildos out of Play
Doh. Or Oh! I can write about hmm…what else can I write about?