Possible Interactions

Random Dialogue Pt. 11

A meeting is held at DaraQuinn Pharma

Erick: Raise this medication to $10,000

Marley: But sir. It only costs 15 dollars to make.

Garon: Yeah and at 50 dollars we’re making plenty profit.

Erick: Plenty profit. *Laughs* Oh you are so naive Garon. How did you even make it this far?

Marley: Sir, no one, I mean, very few people will be able to afford this. And it’s very crucial for the health of diabetics.

Erick: It’s true that few individuals will be able to afford it. But health insurance companies will certainly be able to afford it.

Garon: And if they can’t?

Erick: Then too bad.

*Two weeks later, their only competitor raised its price from $5,000 to $10,000*


ART hritis

She has arthritis in her tits

She said, Jose I need you to take me to the hospital

For what?

I have arthritis – in my tits.

Is that even possible?

It is. I’m the first case. They want to name the disease after me

Wow. Well at least you get that.

Yeah. So can you take me?


Thanks babe. You’re the best.

Hey, I’m just doing what any decent person would.

No. You’re better than a decent person. . . You are a great person.




I fuck her ass
Until she releases gas
And the fart enters my dick
Thru the penis hole
And my penis gets poisoned

Two weeks later…I’m at the doctor’s
I’m like Doc my dick is rotting away
What’s going on?!!!
Well, it looks like someone farted into your dick, Jose
What can be done?!!
It’s gonna have to be sucked out
But my girlfriend is out of town!!
The doctor falls to his knees and opens his mouth