The Troops Be Dancing

In the end? I was proven right. Zack died. Stacy got into a car accident and Rebecca G fell into a pit of carnivorous deer.

“I take no pride in being right,” I told my soldiers. “In fact, it is to my ultimate dismay that I was proven right…on this account.”

The soldiers started breakdancing and pretty soon I myself started breakdancing.

“You don’t say, I myself,” said my Queen.

“It’s redundant. I is sufficient.”

But I couldn’t hear her because I was too busy



The New Fad

The new fad is to be openly depressed
I confess I may have made it popular
But that was not my intention, I was just being me
I saw a woman go on a shopping spree
And when she got home she felt depressed
But that night she got dressed like a person happy
And at the party all she radiated was joy

When a guy who shall remain unnamed
Showcased the face of gloom
He truly did, He truly did
He truly did light up the room


Gangster Jose

When I tricked him & her
I felt superb
But really words…
Words can’t describe it, only positive emotions can
The look on his face when he thought of Dan – hilarious
I’m going to marry this
Broad at the casino
Maybe inside the damn casino
Why not?
Emo fucks. Y’all more emotional than me and I’m supposed to be the poet!
You reap what you sow and I know what I’m sowing

Check your email in 9 days. I call it the 9 day theory.
You’re gonna see a picture of me doing something quite scary
Fairy. You got caught staring. Now commence preparing for ultimate drama
Ima send you to the grave site crying to yo mama


A Pleasant Surprise

I found $40
I thought I didn’t have
Reached into my pocket
Knowing I had x amount of cash
But I was wrong
I had $40
I thought I didn’t have
$40. I had $40 more
Than I thought I originally had in store
$40 dollars more. I now have
And I am so glad.
And I thought, I knew it!
I knew I had $40 more that I just couldn’t find
Finding those $40 really eased my mind



Ok so you heard Cobain sing I think I’m dumb
I sing the version called I think I’m numb
*Or maybe unhappy*

*I think I’m unhappy.*
I can’t be happy
All the time
When I Rhyme I feel
A tiny bit more

Hey I spray every witch
Way. I seize
the moment. I seize
Your day. And make the most out of, make a roast out of
A serious topic. In my world
There is no such thing.
Bling. Bling. Hot Boy I bling bling
Have you ever seena bee sting

I havent. But so many bees have existed. There must have been at least one bee

That stung itself on purpose or by mistake.

Question is…did that bee drop dead before it felt it’s own pain