In The Name Of Jesus

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?

I’m starting to think Jesus was just a weakling. A lot of what he says is pussy shit

I mean take away divine superpowers and he’s just a pushover.

I’m just thinking out loud man. These aren’t my final thoughts on Jesus. Just a few.

Jesus said, turn the other cheek
Was Jesus…weak?


Level 3

Me: It smells like ass

*looks at Stage Manager*

Stage Manager: What?

Symposium. Rosy? Um No. The custodian in the stadium blows. The owner’s daughter. The Ford Focus Tower. Henry Bowers is a battler of rap. A tattler of crap. A combater of stats. A chatter of bats. What’s that sound like? The loudest mic I’m speaking thru. You leaking thru your pad period blood. A grevious mug. The previous sucks. I’m a progressive. Obsessive dessive. The lessive messum. The symposium sucks it moves like a broken truck. Hey, down by the bay is a bundle of hay for a headless horse. Get a divorce in street court. Out of a garage. Nicki Minaj played the ball of dodge. In other words, dodge ball. The posh call. The josh jall. The prom of Tom. The spectacular vernacular. It really is spectacular. Fuck me, baby.

The Audience: Oh my God, that was amazing, baby.


Me: That’s all for tonight’s show, everyone. Join me next time. My tour dates are online.