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Meet Martina

Meet Martina Alansky

What she did with her first year of UBI checks was start a small clothing company.

“I was in tears when I realized I could pursue my childhood dream of designing a clothing brand despite working a deadend job as a waitress. I now have enough money to pay for the material and manufacturing and bring to fruition my clothing designs. I thought I would never do it…..*she begins sobbing*

“I thought this is it, you know? Me working double shifts at a diner to pay for my apartment. How could I pursue a dream, you know? When all my money goes to that.”

I looked at her clothes and noticed that they were indeed stylish. And I was happy for her that she had been able to make them.

“Even if I don’t turn a profit…I’m just glad I could do something I love and put my creative product out there, you know? And it would have never been possible without the Freedom Dividend.”

Wow, I said. That really hits home.