Why Violence (A Deep Look)

I begin with an obvious statement. When you and another party cannot reconcile your differences by peaceful means, violence is the lone alternative left on the table. One party imposing its will on another party through sheer physical dominance. And that is why, based on how I see the world around me (ultra rich vs. everyone else), it is time to kill lawmakers. “But wait,” you say. “Let us wait until this next election. Let us see what happens.” I agree with you, my brother. Let us give this corrupt government of ours one more chance – for old times sake. But I wouldn’t care if someone got a headstart on this business of killing lawmakers.

I will expand on my political theory of killing lawmakers in a later treatise titled, To Kill Bad Law & Make Good Law: A Guide

Folks From The Future

Meet Martina

Meet Martina Alansky

What she did with her first year of UBI checks was start a small clothing company.

“I was in tears when I realized I could pursue my childhood dream of designing a clothing brand despite working a deadend job as a waitress. I now have enough money to pay for the material and manufacturing and bring to fruition my clothing designs. I thought I would never do it…..*she begins sobbing*

“I thought this is it, you know? Me working double shifts at a diner to pay for my apartment. How could I pursue a dream, you know? When all my money goes to that.”

I looked at her clothes and noticed that they were indeed stylish. And I was happy for her that she had been able to make them.

“Even if I don’t turn a profit…I’m just glad I could do something I love and put my creative product out there, you know? And it would have never been possible without the Freedom Dividend.”

Wow, I said. That really hits home.


Nice Thoughts

A little piece of me
Also wishes her well
It’s not her fault
She chose hell
Yes, I think she’s in a hell of her own
You don’t see it
From the exterior view
But I tend to take
The interior view
I hope she becomes
A top-notch marketer
A marketeer
Sometimes I want to call her Dear
And pat her back
Maybe fix her a snack
And play a hot track
Oh darling, please take care of yourself
Go watch a funny movie
Like Elf


Poetically Lyrical, Lyrically Poetic

Tulips are brown and roses have a black hue
Nature, it attracts you
The city, it can nap you
Like damn, everything is concrete & marble
The new age man wakes up and gargles
With a spray of cologne, true
New bottle, old brew

I saw the claw of Wolverine at a museum
In a 3rd dimension there is AM & a PM and then…
Something else
No hunting, no hunters
Just go gather what you see on the shelves

The new age man, the new age woman
In the new age there is a thing called Trans
I got in a moving van and slammed
The brakes
I flew out the windshield
And landed on a trampoline
I bounced to the sky & kissed it
You shoulda seen it!
I pity you if u missed it